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New song added to my Youtube page, Zpetakkel - Ronny Heimdal & Zsolt Meszaros.
Everything's fine available at Spotify.

New song added to my Youtube page, ZCK - Ronny Heimdal & Zsolt Meszaros.
Diabolus in Musika - Natural Needs (Full album) Youtube playlist.

"Timequake" available bandcamp.
"Everything's fine" available bandcamp.
"Everything's fine" available at
My Twitter address page.

Oct. 2015.

Released a new album, entitled "Everything's fine". It's available at CDBaby.
One song from the album "Everything's fine" has been released at Youtube and Soundcloud.

Aug. 2015.
Re-designed the webpage, with a different look. New EP is currently being mixed by Alex Argento. It will be released later this year. My previous solo-album "Timequake" is now available at Bandcamp.

Nov. 2014.
I have not updated this site for a long time, cleaning up some old links. New demos and collaborations are now being added at my SoundCloud page. I am currently working on a new solo-CD with Danny Handler on drums and Ray Riendeau on bass. Hopefully this CD will be finished in 2015.

Apr. 2006.
Some small updates and fixes to the webpage. The Main Attraction CD was released in feb-06.  More info. about this band can be found at (iTunes) Main Attraction.

Jun. 2005.
Timequake is available at
AbstractLogix. New website released : New design and more information available.